Board of Directors – 理事会

Our Board of Directors consists a group of dedicated volunteers with a vast range of professional and educational backgrounds. By consistently working with all instructors, parents, and students, the Board of Director serves as a key decision and policy-making body for CCCS with long-term growth and planning in its vision.


Lian Duan,  Principal (段炼校长)

I currently serve as a senior bridge engineer with California Department of Transportation. Born and grew up in Shanxi, and received my BS and MS degrees in structural engineering from Taiyuan University of Technology and Ph.D. in structural engineering from Purdue University, respectively.

I have a wonderful wife with three lovely children. I have been enjoying traveling together with family and friends, writing technical papers, editing professional books, and serving communities.

我目前担任加州交通厅资深桥梁工程师。在山西出生长大,毕业于太原理工大学, 获普渡大学结构工程专业博士学位。

我有一个幸福美满的家庭, 妻子和三个成年孩子。 我一直在享受与家人和朋友一起旅行,撰写技术论文,编辑专业书籍和服务社区。

Xiaoyuan “Patrick” Ji, Board Member (冀小元理事)

Xiaoyuan Patrick Ji_300

Graduated from the Department of Environmental Engineering of Tsinghua University with a Bachelor’s degree and from the University of California, Davis with a Ph.D in water resources engineering. Currently working in the City of Sacramento as a Hydrological/Hydraulic Engineer. Came from Xian, a city with five thousand years, he is married to Quan Zeng with three daughters Grace, Gianna and Gloria. Grace has been a student of the CCCS since 2008. He loves playing tennis and enjoys running.

Chi-Wai “Irene” Wong, Board Member (黄紫惠理事)

Chiwai Irene Wong

Hail from her home country of Brunei, she graduated from high school in her hometown before she immigrated to the US. After completing professional courses from the University of San Diego, she is currently working as a lactation specialist. Her son is currently attending CCCS.

Donghai Wang, Board Member (王东海理事)

Minjie Du, Board Member (堵敏杰理事)