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Download 下载: CCCS Anti-Bullying Policy 20160416 长城中文学校反霸凌政策

Download 下载: CCCS Student Code of Conduct Policy 20160416 长城中文学校校规

Hello All,

Chang Cheng Chinese School (hereafter CCCS) believes that all students have the right to a safe and healthy school environment. As a community, we all have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance. We also feel that an effective disciplinary program is essential in the teaching and learning process. We had established an educational environment in which children can comfortably learn at their own level. Each student has the right to learn at CCCS without disruption or antagonism from other students.We are committed to teaching traditional Chinese values parallel to linguistic skills while reinforcing appropriate student behaviors. Please read all policies posted on this website. Questions regarding policies can be directed via email to admin@cccs-usa.org.

Note: Contents of CCCS policies and other documents may change without notice, please visit this site often for updates.



注: 本校发布的文件会经常更新。请经常到此网站获取最新资料。

Chang Cheng Chinese School Principal & Board of Directors