Student Code of Conduct Policy – 校规及学生守则

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(Last Revision Date: April 16, 2016)

An effective disciplinary program is essential in the teaching and learning process. We at Chang Cheng Chinese School (hereafter CCCS) has established an educational environment in which children can comfortably learn at their own level. Each student has the right to learn at CCCS without disruption or antagonism from other students.

We are committed to teaching traditional Chinese values parallel to linguistic skills while reinforcing appropriate student behaviors.

The following rules must be followed while students are on CCCS premises and during school hours or participating at any CCCS sponsored event. Disciplinary actions for offenses to the school/class rules may range from warning, written warning, and up to expulsion from CCCS.

  • Arriving at School – When arriving at the school, students should wait outside of their class room until the class instructor is present. Parents should not leave their child in a class room without the presence of the instructor.
  • Proper Greeting – Students should greet their instructor upon entering the classroom.
  • Talking in Class – students should not disrupt the classroom by holding side conversations or roaming the class room without instructor’s permission.
  • Use of Electronic Devices – Use of cellular phones, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile gaming devices, MP3 music players, and devices alike are strictly prohibited when class is in session.
  • No Food or Drinks in Class – Only water are allowed in classrooms. No snacks will be allowed to be consumed in class. Students who eat snacks during recess outside of classrooms must dispose of wrappings and other garbage in the garbage bins provided by the school.
  • Loss Prevention – Students should not bring valuable to school as CCCS will not be responsible for stolen or lost items.
  • Offensive and Disruptive Behaviors – Talking loudly, standing or sitting on top of desks, use of profanity or other offensive languages are strictly prohibited.
  • Bullying – Bullying among students is strictly prohibited and will be dealt immediately. Such offense will carry serious consequences. Please refer to the “CCCS Anti-Bullying Policy” for more details.
  • Insubordination – Refuse to complete in-class assignments and refuse to obey instructor’s instructions are not allowed and parents will be notified of each incident.
  • Recess Safety – Student should be mindful of safety and not engage in dangerous activities during recess. Students must immediately return to his/her classroom when recess is over. Roaming on the school ground when class is in session is prohibited. Students will receive courtesy warnings and parents will be notified for the first time. Reoccurrence of such actions may result in disciplinary actions from the CCCS administration office.
  • Stairs and Ramp Area Off Limits – The stairs and ramp access to second floor area at Will C. Wood Elementary School are off limits to students and parents. Please refrain from playing in those areas at all times.
  • No Roaming – During class students are only allowed to use the restroom facilities at emergencies and should get permission from the instructor, and immediately return to his/her classroom to continue with the class.
  • Use of Facilities – Students should not remove or use classroom tools or equipment other than the ones provided by CCCS, the instructor, or of their own.
  • End of Class Clean Up – At the end of each class, students should make sure that his/her desk area is free of garbage, debris, and the desk is returned to the original position as the start of the class session.
  • Caution When Leaving School – Upon exiting the school, students should be mindful of traffics in the parking lot and be cautious when going to their family vehicles.
  • Do Not Leave Children Unattended – Except registered students who are attending classes, parents waiting on premises should not leave their children unattended at any time.

Respect and courtesy to others is an important value in the Chinese culture and we at CCCS fully intended to embrace that value. Students are encouraged to consistently follow school/classroom rules, set a positive example for others, and always be conscious of how their behavior affects others.

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Thank you!

CCCS Principal & CCCS Board of Directors