Enrollment – 报名程序

Dear CCCS Students and Parents.

CCCS registration for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semester Chinese classes are now open for all.

Class Schedule Download: TBD

Registration Form Download: CCCS Student Registration Form

Please read the following instructions carefully as we have made changes this coming semester on available programs, class time, and registration procedures.

  1. To ensure we are providing the best Chinese classes possible and to ensure lecture quality, we have limited the class size to a 15 student per classroom. This means that there will be limited seats in each class and it will be a first come first serve bases. Due to limited class size, only students who were enrolled from previous year now promoting to the next grade level will have registration priority. We encourage you to register your child early through the mail or at in-person pre-registration.
  2. Enrichment programs such as Math Olympiad, Abacus, and Calligraphy had been canceled in the upcoming semester.
  3. We are adding a new class for High School students who are interested in taking Chinese AP classes in preparation for their Chinese SAT exams.
  4. Chinese language course hours will take place from 9:30 AM – 12 PM. Please see the class schedule calendar for specific dates that the classes will be held.
  5. Registration/renewal fee for Mandarin language classes are $400 per child paid per year or $220 per child paid per semester. The class material fee is $50 and it is non-refundable. No refund on registration fees after the second class of school.
  6. Registration form fields marked with * are mandatory fields and must be completed. Incomplete forms will not be considered for enrollment until it is complete, signed, and payment is made in full. This will be strictly enforced to ensure that we have accurate information for you and your child so we can reach you in case of any emergencies. If your contact information should change during throughout the school year, please let the teacher know and email us at admin@cccs-usa.org so we can update our records to reflect the changes.
  7. We will not open the Multipurpose room this year to the public but will open a classroom to be used for registration and for parents waiting for their child while school is in session.

Below are available registration methods and time:

Mail-In Pre-Registration – Must be Received by August 19th, 2017. Registration forms must be filled out completely signed and with payment attached. Please mail completed form and payment to PO BOX 160834, Sacramento CA 95816 Please make payment payable to CCCS (DO NOT MAIL CASH!)

In-Person Pre-Registration – TBD

First Day of School Registration – TBD

If you have any questions regarding the forms and registration process above, please email us at admin@cccs-usa.org  or post your question in our WeChat group. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for all your support throughout the years and looking forward to seeing you at our school next semester!


cc: CCCS Principal



课程表下载: TBD

报名表下载: CCCS Student Registration Form


  1. 为了提高教学质量,长城中文学校从下个学期起会限制每班学生人数不超过15人。我们会采取先到先报名的方法注册学生。上学期有注册的升级学生优先注册。座位有限,请尽早报名。
  2. 下个学年不再开放奥数,珠心算,和书法兴趣班。
  3. 学校新增添高中SAT中文考试的培训班
  4. 新课时为每开课星期六9:30AM至12:00PM。详情请见课程表。
  5. 报名费用为每学生全年一次性缴费$400,分两个学期交费每学期$220. 书本费$50 (书本费不可退款) 学费在开学两个星期内可以退款。
  6. 请详细填写报名表。有*的栏目为必填。不完整的报名表,没有签名的报名表,没有交费的报名表属无效。报名表的目的是为了您和孩子的安全以便我们可以在必要的时候可以和家长取得联络。如果您的联络方式在报名后有改动。请通知老师或发电子邮件给我们admin@cccs-usa.org
  7. 大食堂将不再开放,我们会另外开放一个教室用来注册办公和用来做家长等待学生的场地。


邮寄提前注册 – 邮寄注册必须在8月19日前收到。报名表必须完整填写并有签名和附带学费。请将报名表和学费邮寄到PO BOX 160834, Sacramento CA 95816。支票付给CCCS。请不要邮寄现金。

本人提前注册 – TBD

开学当日注册 – TBD

如果您有问题请与我们电子邮件联络 admin@cccs-usa.org,或者您可以直接在我们的微信群询问。我们会尽快回复。